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Do you have a memo you'd like to post? Are you looking to find someone special or, are you looking to be found?
E-mail it to: Elaine Kagno at kagno@comcast.net

Check out this article: Old Style Jewish Delicatessens for Goyim (non-Jews)
The Bottom Line This cuisine is not so much about taste and smell as it is about memories and good times years ago.

irving kniager

Hi FFA Friends, This is Jerry Kalick and I spent my youth living in Dorchester. Was a regular at Talbot Bowladrome, Lakin's, Morton theater, The Wall, Natasket, etc. etc. etc. I married Joanie Weitzman, also from Dorchester, and until her death in 1994, we were married for 38 gloriously happy years. Six years ago I moved to Boca Raton, FL and am enjoying every minute of it, except I do not have a special woman in my life now. Ladies. if you are in the same situation as I, or know a classy lady in this area, please give me a holler. My email address is Jerry121534@bellsouth.net, or you can call me at 1-561-477-9826.
Hi, FFA members, my name is Steven Forman, I lived on Baird St. in Dorchester, MA. from 1947 to 1968. I then lived in Southboro, MA. where I lived for 23 years and then moved to Palo Alto, California. Two months ago, I moved from Palo Alto, CA to Thousand Oaks, CA.. I would like to connect with any of the folks who might remember me, who now live in the Boston area or anywhere. forman3d@hotmail.com
My name is Dick Garber. I just retired after 36 years in the Office Coffee Service business. We want to travel and visit a lot of my old Dorchester friends. Maybe they will contact me and let me know where they are. my email is kingrich@gainusa.com




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